Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set

Do you want Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set? If you are looking for Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set.
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Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set
Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set
  • Highest quality the pinion resistance band set is made of rubber latex
  • The real deal our resistance bands come with all the possible accessories you'd ever need and more
  • Portable the resistance band set is packed in a small storage bag and extremely easy to set it up for workout at anywhere(indoor/outdoor)
  • Free bonus besides all the resistance bands and accessories, we also offer a $9 worth chest expander

Product Description

We put user experience as the top priority. That's why we have the high quality rubber material, premium level nylon tissue, thicker metal clipping system, cushioned foam handles, improved safe door anchor and ankle strap. The resistance band set is lightweight, compact in size, extremely portable, and great for travel. Even more, they're exceptionally versatile, offering a wide range of training exercises simply change your position to focus on different muscle groups. Bands: Kits include several bands of varying resistance. Yellow: 5 10 pounds resistance green: 1015 pounds resistance red: 1520 pounds resistance blue: 2025 pounds resistance black: 2530 pound resistance no matter what your fitness goals, from building muscle to rehab or weight lose, the resistance band set makes a great addition to any workout. 20 pieces set includes: 30lb black band 2 25lb blue band 2 20lb red band 2 15lb green band 2 10lb yellow band 2 chest expander 1 foam grip 4 ankle strap 2 door anchor 2 storage bag 1.

Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set with high quality product.
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Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Band Set


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